Wireless Virtual Control and Management

The fleet and emergency management scenario deals with a highly dynamic, uncertain, and dangerous environment where the exchange of information and the coordination between civil defense actors are essential for mission accomplishment. In last years, the situation room operators and decision makers have been more and more supported by available wireless technologies (e.g., real-time communication, localization, and command and control) that, together with distributed sensing, can provide the required situation awareness. In this framework, the activities carried out within the ELEDIA Research Center are focused on innovative decision support systems for fleet management, asset dispatch, and emergency missions coordination that allow the decision makers to explore possible scenarios by means of real-time simulation and forecasting. More specifically, the addressed topics include

  • Fleet Management, Asset Selection and Dispatch
  • Decision Support Systems, Geographic information systems
  • What-If Analysis, Scenario generation
  • Wireless Localization technologies (GPS, TETRA)

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