Navigation, Localization, and Geofencing

While outdoor location services have thrived over the last couple of decades because of well-established platforms for both these components (e.g., GPS for positioning). Indoor location and tracking services have not caught up because of the lack of reliable mapping and positioning technologies. Moreover, the most promising approaches implies high costs (e.g., installation and maintenance of dedicated devices) and privacy concerns (e.g. cameras). In this context, the opportunistic exploitation of wireless devices and infrastructures already present in the environment, such as access points and IoT devices, is a promising solution. The activities carried out within the ELEDIA Research Center are focused on the study and development of methodologies based on RSSI (Received signal strength) and CSI (channel state information) indicators for tracking both connected devices and device-free users without the need of dedicated hardware nor the customization of the wireless infrastructure. More specifically, the ELEDIA activities include

  • Human Activity Monitoring through opportunistic wireless sensing;
  • Active Wi-Fi Localization of cooperative terminals;
  • Device-Free Passive Wireless Localization of non-cooperative targets in indoor/outdoor scenarios, including crowd monitoring for emergency management;
  • Opportunistic RSSI and CSI Exploitation for electromagnetic vision and understanding.

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