Field Manipulation Technologies and Methodologies

The possibility to control the propagation of waves thanks to the exploitation of properly engineered artificial materials has been one of the fundamental scientific breakthroughs of the last decades in the information, communications, and material communities. Thanks to the technological and methodological innovations in the field, the possibility to achieve exceptional propagation phenomena (including invisibility, perfect absorption/reflection, wave bending, infinite resolution, etc.) has been demonstrated by using 2D and 3D artificial materials. In this framework, the research activities carried out in the ELEDIA Research Center include the following

  • design and implementation of metamaterial-based radomes for wide-angle impedance matching (WAIM) coatings of phased arrays, with application in radar sensing and communications;
  • transformation electromagnetics methodologies and technologies as applied to antenna and array miniaturization, conformal array beam focusing, and “virtual array” design and validations;
  • innovative field manipulation devices for anomalous reflections, polarization conversion, and mutual coupling reduction;
  • periodic and aperiodic 2D smart skin design, optimization, and experimental validation of Smart EM Environment applications;
  • study and development of analysis and optimization techniques for complex multi-scale artificial materials;
  • reconfigurable intelligent materials and cognitive materials.


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