Antenna and Arrays Processing and Diagnosis

Antenna and array antenna enable the sensing and connection with the external environment through the rice-transmission of wireless signals. To this end, ad-hoc algorithms for processing the received data and for the characterization, diagnosis, and calibration of the radiating systems and devices are of fundamental importance. The ELEDIA Research Center develops theoretical and methodological studies in this field of research in order to guarantee reliable and effective antenna technology, which include the following research areas

  • Low-complexity direction of arrival (DoA) estimation algorithms
  • Antenna measurement and characterization
  • Diagnosis of radiating system
  • Failure detection and correction through advanced optimization strategies
  • Calibration of antenna systems and devices
  • Antenna tolerance analysis and robust design through Interval Analysis
  • Compressive Sensing as applied to array and antenna diagnosis
  • Artificial Intelligence-based design, modeling, and control of antenna arrays

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