Postdoctoral Researcher Needed at Purdue University

Postdoctoral Researcher Needed

Seeking a motivated research scientist who is well versed in the state-of-the-art (SOA) knowledge in computational electromagnetics (CEM). We are interested in the technology transfer of SOA CEM methods and codes to the industry sector working with our Consortium for Electromagnetic Science and Technology (CEST) .

We have decades of experience in developing CEM methods and algorithms. Unfortunately, much of these computer codes have remained in our research group due to the lack of pipeline for technology transfer.

The research scientist will benefit from learning the SOA in CEM as being developed in academia, as well as developing new ones. In addition, he/she will be acquainted with current industry needs. We have studied CEM for solving problems from nano-meter dimensions to geological length scale, from classical to quantum, from statics to ultra-violet frequencies. The research scientist will learn about CEM methods that can meet this vast varieties of needs. 

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