Quantum Electromagnetics for Antennas and Propagation

Conference & Workshop

Quantum Electromagnetics for Antennas and Propagation

Florence, Italy
30th March 2023
General Chair(s):  ROCCA Paolo, GARCIA MUÑOZ Luis Enrique
Speaker(s):  CHEW Weng, BOAG Amir, GARCIA MUÑOZ Luis Enrique, ROCCA Paolo, GRDONI Gabriele, ROTH Thomas

The 17th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP)

There is currently an explosive advancement in quantum information processing technology that
has the potential to revolutionize society through the use of quantum computers, quantum
communication systems, and quantum sensors that can outperform the best classical technologies.
Antenna and propagation technologies are no exception, with many longstanding challenges
potentially becoming addressable using these new quantum technologies. Further, because these
emerging devices significantly involve electromagnetic effects there is an important role that
classically-trained electromagnetic engineers can play in making these quantum technologies a
reality. This workshop aims at looking at both sides of this emerging technology space. Starting
from a talk presenting the fundamentals of quantum theory, so building a description of the
quantization of electromagnetic fields, the following talks will present recent contributions on
quantum array antennas, quantum radar, up to the use of different types of quantum computers to
solve electromagnetic optimization problems for antennas and propagation.

Workshop Outline

The workshop will include 6 talks over two time slots of 1hr 40mins each. Each part will include a first talk of 40mins followed by two talks of 30mins. The first talk of each part will be characterized by more basic/tutorial contents. More specifically, the proposed workshop will be organized as follows:
Slot #1

  • Prof. Weng C. CHEW (40mins): “Quantum Electromagnetics”
  • Prof. Amir BOAG (30mins): “Quantum Array Antennas”
  • Prof. Luis Enrique GARCIA MUÑOZ (30mins): “Quantum Radar”

Slot #2

  • Prof. Paolo ROCCA (40mins): “From Qubits to Quantum Algorithms for Antennas and Propagation”
  • Prof. Gabriele GRADONI (30mins): “Quantum Annealing for Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces”
  • Prof. Thomas ROTH (30mins): “Electromagnetic Fields for Superconducting Qubits Control”