Third International Workshop on Metamaterial-by-Design

Conference & Workshop

Third International Workshop on Metamaterial-by-Design

Madrid, Spain
14th December 2017

The objective of the Third International Workshop on Metamaterials-by-Design (IWMbD2017) is to present a comprehensive overview of the latest advances and emerging trends in the theory, methods, and applications of the Material-by-Design paradigm and to highlight the current status and the envisaged frontiers in this research area.

The topics of main interest will include, but will not be limited to, task-oriented materials and wave manipulation devices, reconfigurable and tunable metamaterials at microwave, THz, and optical frequencies, homogenization of metamaterials and effective medium models, three dimensional metamaterials, planar metamaterials and meta-surfaces, active metamaterials, quantum metamaterials, antenna applications of metamaterials, metamaterials for nanoelectronics and nanophotonics and metatronics, metamaterials for sensing, biological and biomedical applications of metamaterials, novel metamaterial concepts, experimental techniques and characterization of metamaterials, and their applications to current and future systems.

The Workshop will comprise Keynote Presentations from distinguished experts from international top institutions as well as peer-reviewed contributions. Additionally, round tables will be organized at the end of each day to stimulate the open discussion among the presenters and the attendees.



Prof. Giacomo Oliveri, ELEDIA@UniTN – DISI, Italy
Prof. Eva Rajo-Iglesias, University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain

Senior Advisory Board

Prof. Filiberto Bilotti, University of Roma TRE, Italy
Prof. Danilo Erricolo, University of Chicago, USA
Dr. Stefan Feuchtinger, HUAWEI Munich, Germany
Dr. Lorenzo Fiori, Leonardo Finmeccanica, Italy
Dr. John Griffin, Leonardo Finmeccanica, UK
Dr. Hervé Legay, Thales Alenia Space, France
Dr. Renato Lombardi, HUAWEI Milan, Italy
Prof. Andrea Massa, ELEDIA@UniTN-DISI, Italy
Prof. Alessandro Toscano, University of Roma TRE, Italy
Dr. Mauro Varasi, Leonardo Finmeccanica, Italy

Steering Committee

Dr. Fabrice Boust, ONERA, France
Dr. Jean Chazelas, Thales Group, France
Prof. Nader Engheta, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Dr. Ennio Giaccari, ELEDIA Research Center@UNITN, Italy
Prof. Yang Hao, Queen Mary University of London, UK
Prof. Stefano Maci, University of Siena, Italy
Prof. Robert Mailloux, ELEDIA Research Center
Dr. Maurizio Mattivi, HUAWEI Milan, Italy
Prof. Paolo Rocca, ELEDIA@UniTN – DISI, Italy
Prof. Sergei Tretyakov, Aalto University, Finland
Prof. Alain Sibille, Télécom Paris Tech, France
Ing. Stefano Scafé, Leonardo Finmeccanica, Italy
Prof. Douglas H. Werner, Penn State University, USA

Attending the Event


09:00 December 14, 2017 (Thursday)
17:00 December 15, 2017 (Friday)


University of Madrid Carlos III, Campus “Puerta de Toledo”, Madrid, Spain

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