Inverse Problems and Imaging


Inverse problems (IPs) have been traditionally considered as mathematically challenging because they are intrinsically ill-posed. Imaging problems are a class of IPs with many practical applications in a variety of engineering disciplines, ranging from biomedical diagnostics to industrial non-destructive testing, up to geophysics and security screening, just to mention a few. Such IPs require suitable mathematical tools for their robust/stable solution in order to recover the well-posedness typical of forward/direct problems through suitable regularization and information-acquisition/exploitation techniques.
The course will review fundamentals and main issues of IPs, then focusing on classical/ state-of-the-art and recently introduced inverse solution procedures and algorithms, with main emphasis on the techniques for imaging and localization. Applicative examples including exercises will corroborate the theoretical concepts.



  • Introduction and basics: motivations (methodological, applicative), imaging problems in engineering as IPs;
  • Formulation of IPs and numerical techniques for dealing with their resolution;
  • Non-linearity and ill-posedness: on the role of information in IPs;
  • Non-linearity: physical meaning, degree of non linearity, the role of a-priori/available information;
  • Ill-posedness and the need for regularization;
  • Solution of IPs as minimization/maximization of a cost-function/functional;
  • Multi-resolution and information-acquisition strategies as an effective recipe to counteract ill-posedness and non-linearity;
  • Numerical techniques for imaging problem solving in biomedical and industrial contexts;
  • Applicative examples including exercises regarding specific engineering applications.



  • Theoretical Lessons
  • e-Xam Self Assessment (each teaching class or periodically)
  • MATLAB Hands-On
  • e-Xam Final Assessment



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