Imaging and Diagnostic Techniques

Learn how inverse problems and electromagnetic diagnostic and imaging techniques are applied in the biomedical and industrial fields

The course provides the basic knowledge on inverse problems with main emphasis on the techniques for imaging and localization for non-destructive electromagnetic diagnostics and related applications. The classes consist of theoretical/application lessons aimed at the presentation of the state of the art of the subject and the in-depth study of innovative diagnostic techniques as well as their use in different application contexts through the use of ELEDIA software tools. Seminar lessons held by internationally renowned experts are also provided to supplement and complete the teaching contents of the course.

Course Content

The electromagnetic detection and diagnostics problem. Formulation and representative equations of a diagnostic problem. Techniques for the solution of diagnostic problems. Green's function technique for the solution of the Helmoltz equation in free space. The equivalence principle of the electromagnetic fields (volume formulation).  
Properties and Characteristics of an Inverse Problem
Direct problem and inverse problem. Characteristics of an inverse problem: ill-posedness and non linearity.  
Sensing by Means of Electromagnetic Waves
Reconstruction of the equivalent source. The method of moments. Reconstruction of the characteristics of the dielectric object.  
Electromagnetic Imaging and Localization Techniques
The inverse scattering problem. The inverse source problem. The non-radiating currents. Linear inversion approaches: the “3 steps” algorithm. Extension to the multi-illumination, multi-view case. Non-linear inversion approaches. Introduction to optimization techniques.
Electromagnetic Imaging and Localization Techniques - Biomedical Applications
Introduction to tomographic reconstruction. X-ray tomography (TAC - Computerized Tomography); Back-Projection algorithm. Introduction to diffraction tomography.
Use of Professional SW tool for Electromagnetic Imaging and Localization
Use of professional electromagnetic diagnostics software developed at the ELEDIA Research Center Network laboratories for applications of high interest. Processing and critical analysis of the obtained results towards the preparation of an appropriate scientific documentation.  

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