Environmental Measurements - Weather Radar

Learn the fundamental of weather radars and their application to practical meteorological observation problems

The course will provide an overview of the instruments and techniques to monitor the main meteorology-related environmental variables. The course will also give the basic criteria to select the proper instruments for the quantification of the environmental variables and processes. The course will show how to collect, interpret and analyze environmental data according to WMO standards and recommendations. The course will also present the fundamentals of weather radar, introducing the operation principle of radar-based meteorological observation and the physical interactions between the radar signals and the atmosphere. In particular, the student will be able to (i) understand the operation principles of weather radar and the guidelines for the design of its fundamental parameters, (ii) understand the concept of Doppler Power Spectrum, reflectivity factor, base velocity, (iii) read and analyze base reflectivity images, base velocity images, wind maps, and precipitation images.