Welcome to ELEDIA@UniNAGA

    ELEDIA@UniNAGA, directed by Prof. Toshifumi MORIYAMA is a research group hosted at the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department of the Nagasaki University, aimed at strengthening the cooperation with academic and industrial partners involved in joint research and project initiatives also in synergy with the other nodes of the ELEDIA international research network.

    More in detail, the research activities developed at the ELEDIA@UniNAGA node include (but are not limited to) the study and design of efficient approaches for the non-invasive monitoring of complex structures, with focus on both theoretical and practical issues. In this sense, structural health monitoring (SHM) systems are under study looking at the innovative integration of fast and efficient software-based analysis tools, exploiting the potentialities of compact smart wireless sensors and devices (for example, the low-cost and low-power nodes of a Wireless Sensor Network) monitoring the structure under test.

    Thanks to the active involvement of several ELEDIA members the solutions investigated at the ELEDIA@UniNAGA node are developed from the early-design level up to the prototyping and demonstration phase.

    Contact: uninaga-nagasaki@eledia.org