• Server Room Monitoring

    24/7 Real-Time Supervision of Environmental Conditions for Critical Facilities

Continuous monitoring of critical environments

based on Wireless Sensor Network

Installation at CISCA Server Room

University of Trento, Povo, Trento, Italy

Critical Application

The room is continously monitored to prevent the overheating of electronic appliances, for example due to the air-conditioning system failure.


The server room represents an interesting testbed for distributed monitoring of environmental parameters, in particular due to the large range of spatial-variability.

rack heating flow example

Sample daily data

(Server room relocated to new Data Center)
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15 minutes average


Environmental parameters are acquired at high rate (each few seconds), the charts will be updated automatically.


Temperature of the air, measured in Celsius degree, 2 decimals precision.


Humidity of the air, percentage with 2 decimals precision.

Total Solar Radiation (TSR)

Brightness level is acquired and converted in lux by each node.

Photosynthetic Light (PAR)

Brightness level is acquired and converted in lux by each node.


Locations of installed nodes:

Historic data

From 2008 to 2015

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If the period is longer than two months, data will be aggregated on daily basis.

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