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Saving Bambi through AI: Wildlife Crossing Monitoring and Prediction for Road Safety


Turning a corner at night, a couple of bright dots flash in front of you, standing still as your car quickly approaches them. Will you be fast enough to stop the vehicle before hitting the deer in the middle of the road? Ungulates are the large mammals mostly involved in car accidents in Europe and North America. If you are used to drive in the countryside or in roads close to forests, hills...

E-AIR Suite can learn your wireless signature and “see” you


You’re waking up at night, going to the kitchen for a glass of water, and suddenly you slip and fall to the ground. You don’t have a phone with you, and there’s no camera or movement sensor around. Can your WIFI access point detect you and call the emergency number? The above scenario is just one of the many cases in which passive non-cooperative localization and behavioural analysis is of...

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