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IEEE T-AP Special Issue on “Artificial Intelligence: New Frontiers in Real‐Time Inverse Scattering and Electromagnetic Imaging”


The IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation has just announced an upcoming Special issue to appear in November 2021 on Artificial Intelligence: New Frontiers in Real‐Time Inverse Scattering and Electromagnetic Imaging which will be guest edited by Manuel ARREBOLA, Maokun LI, Marco SALUCCI. Please find below additional information and important dates and visit the dedicated web page for...

How does AI help run enterprises?


How much has Artificial Intelligence already entered enterprise processes to boost their productivity and efficiency? HUAWEI provides a quick introduction about AI and enterprise operation in this video. For more information on future AI challenges, check out also the recent 2020 ELEDIA Artificial Intelligence Hackathon, organized by ELEDIA in cooperation with HUAWEI Technologies in the framework...

ELEDIA Precision Farming: how AI supports Farmers and saves Water


In the 2017 Report “Water for Sustainable Food and Agriculture“, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has remarked that, on average, agriculture accounts for 70% of global freshwater withdrawals. Only 0.003% of the World water are “fresh water resources”, and an even smaller fraction is actually accessible and can be used for drinking, hygiene, agriculture and industry...

E-AIR Suite can learn your wireless signature and “see” you


You’re waking up at night, going to the kitchen for a glass of water, and suddenly you slip and fall to the ground. You don’t have a phone with you, and there’s no camera or movement sensor around. Can your WIFI access point detect you and call the emergency number? The above scenario is just one of the many cases in which passive non-cooperative localization and behavioural analysis is of...

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