Since the ELEDIA@XIDIAN node was established, our achievements have been cited by more than 30 countries and regions, 216 research institutes. The achievements in the past five years are listed as follows:

Journal Papers

More than 150/600 SCI/EI papers have been published in IEEE Trans, Antennas & ropagation, IEEE/ASME Mechatronics, Automatica, AIAA, Chinese Journal of Electronics, Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering, Acta Mechanical Sinica, as well as other domestic and international important journals in the field of electromechanical engineering and control engineering, with the maximum SCI citation greater than 720 in recent five years.

Selected Papers

  • Naigang Hu, Baoyan Duan, Hongjun Cao, Yali Zong. Robust optimization with convex model  considering bounded constraints on performance  variation. Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, 2017, 56(1): 59-69  
  • Xun Li, Baoyan Duan, Liwei Song, Yiqun Zhang, Wanye Xu. Study of stepped amplitude distribution taper for microwave power transmission for SSPS. IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, 2017, 65(10): 5396-5405
  • You Ban, Baoyan Duan, Congsi Wang, Wei Wang, Shufei Feng, etc. Homology Parameters for Large Axisymmetric Shaped Dual-reflector Antennas. IEEE Transactions on Antennas & Propagation, 2017, 65(7): 3392-3398
  • Peng Li, W. Pedryce, Wanye Xu, Liwei Song. Far-Field Pattern Tolerance Analysis of the Antenna-Radome System with the Material Thickness Error: An Interval Arithmetic approach. IEEE Transactions on Antennas & Propagation, 2017, 65(4): 1934-1945.  
  • Congsi Wang, Shuai Yuan, Xin Liu, Qian Xu, Meng Wang, Minbo Zhu, Guangda Chen, Yuhu Duan.  Temperature distribution and influence mechanism on large reflector antennas under solar radiation. Radio Science, 2017, 52(10): 1253-1260
  • Shufei Feng, Congsi Wang, Baoyan Duan, You Ban. Design of tipping structure for 110 m high-precision radio telescope. Acta Astronautica, 2017, 141: 50-56
  • Jie Zhang, Jin Huang, Jun Zhou, Congsi Wang, Yao Zhu. A compensator for large antennas based on pointing error estimation under a wind load. IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, 2017, 25(5): 1912-1920
  • Wanye Xu, Baoyan Duan, Peng Li, Yuanying Qiu. A new efficient thickness profile design method for streamlined airborne radomes. IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, 2017, 65(11): 6190-6195
  • Pengbing Zhao, Yaoyao Shi, Jin Huang. Dynamics modeling and deviation control of the composites winding system. Mechatronics, 2017, 48: 12-29
  • Jinzhu Zhou, Jin Huang, Baofu Tang, Liwei Song. Development and coupling analysis of active skin antenna. Smart Materials and Structures, 2017, 26(2): 1-17
  • Jingli Du, Congsi Wang, Hong Bao and Lamei Wang. Robust shape adjustment with finite element model updating for mesh reflectors. AIAA Journal, 2017, 55(4): 1450-1459
  • Qiang Zhang and Martin D. Levine. Robust multi-focus image fusion using multi-task sparse representation and spatial context. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 2016, 25(5): 2045-2058.
  • Jingying Ma, Yuanshi Zheng and Long Wang. Topology selection for multi-agent systems with opposite leaders. Systems & Control Letters, 2016, 93: 43-49.
  • Yuanshi Zheng and Long Wang. Consensus of switched multiagent systems. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems II: Express Briefs, 2016, 63(3): 314-318.
  • Jie Zhang, Jin Huang, Shuangfei Wang and Congsi Wang. An active pointing compensator for large beam waveguide antenna under wind disturbance. IEEE/ASME Trans, Mechatronics, 2016, 21(2): 860-871
  • Yiqun Zhang, Dongwu Yang, Sunlan Li. An integrated control and structural design approach for mesh reflector deployable space antennas. Mechatronics, 2016, 35: 71-81
  • Pengbing Zhao, Jin Huang, Yaoyao Shi. Proportional-integral based fuzzy sliding mode control of the milling head.  Control Engineering Practice, 2016, 53: 1-13
  • Peng Li, Wanye Xu, and Liwei Song. A novel compensation strategy for the radiation characteristics of large dielectric radomes based on phase modification. IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters, 2016, 15: 1044-1047
  • Pengbing Zhao. Nonlinear dynamic modeling and adaptive sliding control of the milling head for efficient and powerful machining. Proc IMechE Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture, 2016: 1-13
  • Qiang Zhang, Yabin Wang, Martin D. Levine, Xiaoqing Yuan and Long Wang. Multisensor video fusion based on higher order singular value decomposition. Information Fusion, 2015, 24: 54-71
  • Jingying Ma, Yuanshi Zheng and Long Wang. LQR-based optimal topology of leader-following consensus. International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, 2015, 25(17): 3404-3421
  • Junjie Ye, Yuanying Qiu, Xuefeng Chen and Juan Ma. Initial and final failure strength analysis of composites based on a micromechanical method. Composite Structures, 2015, 125: 328-335
  • Baoyan Duan, Feng Gao, Jingli Du. Optimization and experiment of an electrostatic forming membrane reflector in space. Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, 2015, 29(4): 1355-1360
  • Qibao Jin, Jin Huang. Moving analysis of and sun-tracking regulating on space solar power station based on earth’s orbit. Solar Energy, 2015,122: 239-248
  • Jinzhu Zhou, Jin Huang, Liwei Song. Electromechanical co-design and experiment of structurally integrated antenna. Smart Materials and Structures, 2015, 24(3): 1-11
  • Jinzhu Zhou, Baoyan Duan, Jin Huang. Incorporating prior knowledge and multi-kernel into linear programming support vector regression. Soft Computing, 2015, 19(7): 2047-2061
  • Jingli Du, Chuanzhen Cui, Hong Bao, Yuanying Qiu. Dynamic analysis of cable-driven parallel manipulators using a variable length finite element. ASME Journal of Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics, 2015, 10(1): 011013
  • Jingli Du, Sunil K. Agrawal. Dynamic modeling of cable-driven parallel manipulators with distributed mass flexible cables. ASME Journal of Vibration and Acoustics, 2015, 137(2): 021020
  • Shuxin Zhang, Jingli Du, Baoyan Duan. Integrated structural-electromagnetic shape control of cable mesh reflector antennas. AIAA Journal, 2015, 53(5): 1395-1398

Monographs & Textbooks

More than 20 monographs and textbooks are published, in which many have become the essential reference books for structural designer of electronic equipment.

Selected Monographs

  • Congsi Wang, Wei Wang, Liwei Song. Theory and Technology of Microwave Antenna Coupling. Beijing:Science Press,2015
  • Baoyan Duan. Theory, Method and Application of Electronic Equipment Electromechanical Coupling. Beijing: Science Press, 2011  
  • Li Zhiwu, Zhou Mengchu. Deadlock Resolution in Automated Manufacturing System. Springer, 2010
  • Dunshu Zhao. Thermal Design of Electronic Equipment. Beijing: Publishing House of Electronics Industry, 2009  
  • Zhiwu Li, Mengchu Zhou. Modeling, Analysis and Deadlock Control of Automated Manufacturing Systems. Beijing: Science Press, 2009  
  • Yuxin Su. Nonlinear Control Theory of Robot System. Beijing: Science Press, 2008  
  • Baoyan Duan. Analysis, Optimization and Precision Control of Flexible Antenna Structure. Beijing: Science Press, 2005

Patents & Software Copyrights

Recent five years, more than 60 national patents and 30 software copyrights have been authorized. The achievements have been applied to a number of national major projects including lunar exploration program, battleship, manned space flight, fourth generation aircraft, missile defense system etc, which has achieved the remarkable economic, social and military benefits.

Selected Issued Patents

  • Compensation method for electrical performance of deformed planar array antenna based on electromechanical coupling and Fourier transform, ZL201510549051.4, 2017.10   
  • Transmitting antenna system of space solar power station, ZL201410715356.3, 2017.03
  • An integrated design method for radiation and scattering performance of array antenna based on mounting height, ZL201410249972.4,2017.02
  • A electrode layout method for electrostatically formed film antenna, ZL201310694435.6, 2017.01
  • Pointing error compensation method for large beam waveguide antennas, ZL201410413340.7, 2016.05
  • Data driven design method and antenna for active sandwich microstrip antenna and electromagnetic synthesis, ZL201310127319.6, 2016.04
  • An analytical method for scattering properties of deformed array antennas based on electromechanical coupling, ZL201410249973.9, 2016.03
  • Design method of micro channel cold plate for active phased array antenna,  ZL201310057042.4, 2015.08
  • Deployable mesh parabolic antenna, ZL201310234093.X, 2015.04
  • An optimization design method for the chassis structure of an electronic device based onmechanical electrical and thermal three-field coupling, 8744824, 2014.05 (U.S.patent)

Selected Issued Software Copyrights

  • Calculation software for gain and orientation of large deformation parabolic antenna’s panel adjustment V1.0, 2017SR370259 ?
  • Posture adjustment system control software for six degrees of freedom antenna’s secondary face V1.0, 2017SR238969
  • Dynamics analysis software for structure deployment process of expandable antenna V1.0, 2017SR453747
  • Fast calculation software of electrical performance of planar array antenna based on test data V1.0, 2016SR020280
  • Welds joining process influence mechanism analysis software V1.0, 2015SR089659   
  • Comprehensive analysis software for radiation and scattering properties of deformed array antennas V1.0, 2014SR125582

Research  Awards

Since the establishment, the ELEDIA@XIDIAN node has been awarded the second prizes of National Science and Technology Progress for three times, the Excellent Execution Team Award of National Science and Technology Plan once,  first prize of Science and Technology Progress at provincial-level for six times, and second and third prize of Science and Technology Progress at ministerial and provincial level for eight times.

Selected  Awards

  • 2004 – Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress, Global Performance and System-Oriented Optimization of Mechanical and Electronic Synthesis and Precision Control for Antenna Structures
  • 2008 – Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress, Integrated Electromagnetic, Structural and Control Design of Reflector Antennas and Application
  • 2013 – Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress, Design Theory and Key Technology of Large Spaceborne Deployable Antenna and Application
  • 2014 – Second Prize of National Technology Invention, Target Classification Technique Based on Narrow-band Radar Echo
  • 2011 – Executive Excellence Team Award of Eleventh Five-year National Scientific And Technological Plan, Basic Problems of Electronic Equipment Electromechanical Coupling
  • 2014 – The First Prize of Science and Technology, Shaanxi province, Integrated Design Platform and Engineering Application of Electromechanical Coupling for Typical Electronic Equipment

Research Projects

In the past 5 years, the ELEDIA@XIDIAN node has carried out more than 60 national major/ key  projects such as the national 973 project, 863 project, national natural science funds, and defense pre-research, including deep space exploration, manned space flight, etc.

Selected Projects

  • Scientific basis for accurate design and performance assurance of functional surface, NSFC major project
  • Study of basic problem of electronic equipment electromechanical coupling, 973 project
  • Study on the key techniques of the 110-m large aperture fully steerable radio telescope, 973 Project
  • Evolution mechanism of functional properties of integrated airborne antenna feed system, 973 project
  • Study of structural and electromagnetic coupling essential factor, 973 project
  • Dynamics modeling and simulation of deployable mechanism, 973 project
  • Whole process of multiple state reliability comprehensive research of large spaceborne deployable antenna system, 863 project
  • Study on mechanical and electromagnetic products oriented green manufacturing, 863 project
  • Study of operational experimental technology of ground microgravity, 863 project
  • Design theory and method for electronic equipment multi-eld coupling, NSFC key project
  • Overall design and key technology study for large radio astronomical telescope-study of feed source support key technology, NSFC key project
  • Integrated injection forming mechanism and manufacturing factors collaborative regulation mechanism of conformal shaped bearing antenna, NSFC general project
  • Modeling, analysis and compensation of multi-field coupling of high performance active phased array antenna, NSFC general project
  • The cross scale design of the electromechanical coupling of conformal load bearing antenna with array micro structure heat dissipation, NSFC general project
  • High profile accuracy design, theory and method for large space deployable cable net frame structure, NSFC general project
  • Study of electromechanical coupling mechanism of large antenna structure, NSFC general project
  • Research on integrated design of structure-control of radar servo system, NSFC general project
  • Mesh mapping and mesh control of electronic equipment multi-eld coupling, NSFC general project
  • Comprehensive analysis and design of new concentrating collection and conversion system for space solar power station, NSFC general project
  • Shape control mechanism and robust layout design of embedding fiber bragg grating strain sensor’s skinned antenna, NSFC general project
  • Intelligent guaranteed optimization design of high-precision cable net structure of spaceborne antennas, NSFC general project
  • XX Antenna comprehensive design platform, National defense key project
  • XX Deployable antenna reecting surface technology, National defense key project
  • XX Antenna structure collaborative design, National defense key project
  • Electrostatic forming film reflector antenna, Civil Aerospace key project
  • Innovative design and key technology of space solar power station, Civil Aerospace key project
  • XX virtual prototyping technology based on the field coupling model, the national key defense project


The activities are also aimed at practical development, such as the following achievements.

Five-hundred-meters Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope

Early Warning Airplane – Airbone Phased Array Radar

40-m Antenna of Chinese Lunar Exploration Program

66-m Antenna of Chinese Lunar Exploration Program