The main objective of the ELEDIA@Innov’COM node is to develop research activities in the framework of wireless distributed sensing, with particular emphasis on wireless systems for the localization and tracking of targets and for the precision agriculture applications.

The building blocks of such wireless monitoring systems are both technological and methodological. The node aims to merge the potentialities of advanced theoretical methods with the sensing capabilities of distributed wireless devices toward the definition, implementation, and experimental validation of innovative solutions. This combination introduces many challenges at different levels of the system design process. For example, the adoption of low-power and battery-powered hardware platforms (like the nodes of a wireless sensor network) poses strong constraints in terms of computational load, and proper solutions are required to make the algorithms efficient for real-time processing.

The skills of the ELEDIA@Innov’COM members on the development of computationally efficient methods and on the design and configuration of wireless devices give the opportunity to find innovative solutions for the next-generation wireless monitoring systems.