Environmental Monitoring

Distributed sensing of environmental parameters through wireless sensors for artworks conservation.

Occupancy Estimation

Crowd detection through opportunistic indirect measurements of environmental meta-data (temperature and humidity).

Security and Surveillance

Low-cost, relocatable security system based on distributed wireless sensors for detecting vibrations and movements of artworks.

People Counter

Low-cost, relocatable, people counter for small and large entrances based on infrared technology.

Visitor Localization and Tracking

Opportunistic location system based on wireless propagation for delivering innovative end-user services through mobile devices.

Tour and Groups Management

Simplified group setup, management and content synchronization by using context-aware and location based services.

Who We Are

ELEDIA Research Center

The Electromagnetic Diagnostic Research Center at the Information Engineering and Computer Science Department, University of Trento, addresses several research activities dealing with the study, development, and testing of wireless smart sensors and the implementation of advanced methodologies for real-time data processing, based on evolutionary optimization and learning by example strategies.

Related Research

edge research applied to museums

  • distributed, cognitive sensing
  • localization and occupancy
  • smart energy management
  • data-mining and data-fusion
  • low-power, low-cost devices

Experimental Validations

public demonstrations