Environmental Monitoring

Distributed sensing of environmental parameters through wireless sensors for artworks conservation.

Occupancy Estimation

Crowd detection through opportunistic indirect measurements of environmental meta-data (temperature and humidity).

Security and Surveillance

Low-cost, relocatable security system based on distributed wireless sensors for detecting vibrations and movements of artworks.

People Counter

Low-cost, relocatable, people counter for small and large entrances based on infrared technology.

Visitor Localization and Tracking

Opportunistic location system based on wireless propagation for delivering innovative end-user services through mobile devices.

Tour and Groups Management

Simplified group setup, management and content synchronization by using context-aware and location based services.

Related Research

edge research applied to museums

  • distributed, cognitive sensing
  • localization and occupancy
  • smart energy management
  • data-mining and data-fusion
  • low-power, low-cost devices

Experimental Validations

public demonstrations

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