e-xam Features

The e-xam platform supports app phases of the examination process. It is designed for any kind of school and academic course.


The system looks like a web site, compatible with all devices and browsers.


With e-xam system, all phases of an exam session are boosted (setup and correction are instantaneous).

Out of the Box

e-xam platform is plug and play and comes with customizable marks scale grade and calculation.


The e-xam platform supports multiple languages and has been used worldwide by different organizations, teachers and students.

Fair and Reliable

The information provided to students, the interactions and the evaluation process are handled by the system fairly and equally.

Examination as Service

e-xam system can be installed on a server (and limited) to local network or can be provided from our Internet Cloud.

e-xam support all phases

Using e-xam system is simple for teacher and students both. The platform supports all kinds of exams (including scientific courses), it grants equity during examination and evaluation, it is reliable and respectful for students.

The e-xam interface is fully customizable and supports multiple language, time-zones, mark scales (US, EU, CH, ..) and different approach for assigning marks. The system has been tested within international academics and universities.

time reduced during session preparation


time reduced during students examination


time reduced for correcting exams


time reduced for results consultation and review


The e-xam phases

The e-xam platform tears up all of the administrative work of preparing, scrambling, correcting exams. Now we can make oral session right after written test, reducing time for teaching staff and students.


Teacher prepares the exam session

Setup the Exam just once. Questions database is re-used, the wizard supports automatic selection and scrambling of new exam calls.


Students make the exam

Students make the multiple-choice e-xam including theoretic checks, exercises and theorem demonstrations.


Teacher corrects students exam

Correction is automatic and real-time. Teaching staff might select and tune pass/no-pass metric and objectives.


Students reviews corrected exam

Once marks are assigned and published, each student can review results and exam correction.


Examined Students


E-xam Sessions


International Courses


Fast Support


Authorized guests might try out the whole e-xamination process (student and teacher side phases both).


Guest Account credentials are required for accessing.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us for more information, remote access to the online DEMO, or a live presentation.

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